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Professional ear wax removal by micro suction or irrigation. Custom made professional ear & hearing protection based in Bonnybridge. Mobile appointments are available for those clients with reduced mobility. 

Based in Bonnybridge, Falkirk, Munro Hearing Solutions brings you professional ear wax removal by micro suction. This is a safe, gentle and effective solution to ear wax. 

Ear wax build up can be a problem for some people. Wax removal by micro suction is considered one of the safest methods of wax removal.­­ Irrigation is often used when the wax is very deep or very soft.

Munro Hearing Solutions offers a range of professional quality custom ear plugs & hearing protection designed to protect your ears and hearing against noise when working or at leisure. Please see our custom ear plugs pages for full details and prices.


Local, experienced, professional audiologist

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Ear wax is healthy. It protects your ears from dirt and germs, while maintaining the ear’s natural pH. Do not use any object or tool like a cotton bud to remove wax, this will push it in further and could cause the ear to become blocked with impacted ear wax. This can then cause a hearing disability in one or both ears. You can’t always prevent the build up of wax because some people produce more wax than others. It is a very common problem, but If you have particularly hairy ears, narrow ear canals or if you wear a hearing aid, you may find that you are more likely to have problems with wax build up. Please do not buy DIY or over-the-counter wax removal tools or syringe kits due to the risk of causing irreversible damage to the delicate structure of the ear canal, ear drum and middle ear. If you have excess ear wax, then the safest solution is to seek professional ear wax removal performed by a registered Audiologist. Please visit my micro suction page to see up to date prices.

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